Fotolia 71944347 XSHow many hours a week do you devote to marketing? What's your advertising budget?

If you're like many of the highly skilled specialists who provide services to authors, odds are your answer to both of those questions is zero, or close to it. Whether you get your clients through word of mouth or by competing on gig  portals, you're probably too busy working to invest time or money in self-promotion — and you may not be charging what your services are truly worth.

At Kindred Readers, we believe that authors are more likely to succeed if they have a creative team to support their writing and marketing efforts. To encourage our Author members to take advantage of the expertise available through specialists like yourself, we maintain a Service Provider Directory.

It's completely free to create a profile in our Directory, but we do ask a few things in exchange: you have to give our Author members a discount not available elsewhere, you have to keep your profile up-to-date, and you have to agree to let our Author members review their experience of working with you. (See our Service Provider Terms and Tips for a full explanation.) 

So what's in it for you?

Ready access to a large population of potential clients who are

  • pre-qualified: every Author member of Kindred Readers has demonstrated their willingness to invest financially in their writing career
  • motivated: many writers operate on a limited budget, so your discount will be a powerful incentive to select you over other providers not listed in our Directory
  • well-informed: our review system allows Author members to make more informed decisions when selecting a Service Provider to contact. 

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What if I'm interested in participating as a Reader or Author member as well as a Service Provider?

That's great! Simply click the SUBSCRIPTION tab on your Dashboard and select the desired membership option. Members may select one, two, or all three membership types.