Kindred Readers® is a review network designed to be like no other, dedicated to meeting the needs of both readers and writers. 

Our decisions and actions are based on our core values:    

  • Integrity - Our highest priority is trust. Visitors must be able to trust that the reviews they find on our site are honest, and members must be able to trust that our goal is to meet their needs. Every decision we make is measured by simple standards: Is it the right thing to do? Do all benefit? Is it fair?
  • Independence - This is a network for and by humans — there are no mega-corporations involved. We welcome readers of all genres and support writers at all stages of development, whether they self-publish, are traditionally published or have not yet published a book.
  • Transparency - We have no hidden agendas. If we showcase a book in a newsletter, we made the choice based on reviews, not fees. You can't pay us to promote your book or service — that option simply does not exist. We'll tell you the truth, always. 
  • Objectivity - You can trust that the Kindred Readers reviews are objective because each review is assigned. At Kindred Readers, you won't find reviews volunteered by the author's best friend. We believe readers should offer their honest opinions on the books they read so other readers can make better decisions about whether to read or purchase that book. 
  • Respect - It's important to remember that, even though your review may be anonymous, there's a human at the other end reading it. Our Member Guidelines stress the importance of being candid AND civil. Likewise, in every decision we make, we consider the people at the other end: Is this the way we'd like to be treated?
  • Humility - We are continually learning and, like all humans, we make mistakes. We want to build a community that welcomes and supports everyone who loves books. We encourage all those who visit and use the site to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and suggestions for improvement.