Welcome! My name is Sandra Vail, and I'm the founder of Kindred Readers®.

Kindred Readers grew out of my experience self-publishing a novel. I had a day job and a family — I thought writing the book would be the hard part!

The months after I published were a real eye-opener. I read hundreds of articles about marketing, spent hours poring over the Amazon top reviewers list, and drafted scores of emails and social media posts. I joined book-lovers clubs, participated in review exchanges and gave away more copies of my book than I cared to count.

In other words, I spent all the time I should have been writing chasing down a handful of reviews.

There had to be a better way.

So I started working on a plan. I wanted to create a network for writers and readers that gave everyone exactly what they needed, exactly how they needed it. No more wasted time, no more misspent energy.

Authors want an audience. They want to get their book in the hands of their ideal reader, and then hear that reader's honest opinion. Even if the news isn't good, writers know that candor is important.

Readers want a great read. But to find a great book, you need advice you can trust — not ad copy, and not a review written by the author's best friend.

These basic facts are the foundation for Kindred Readers, a review network unlike any in the world. We've taken the best of bibliophile communities, peer review systems and review exchanges and created our own unique process, one with no spin and no spam. 

Today we offer much more than reviews, but the underlying principles of integrity and respect carry forward into everything we do.  

At Kindred Readers, you won't find a multinational conglomerate — you'll find a dedicated community of kindred spirits. Won't you join us?